“The greatest sense of freedom in life!”


Paragliding is very popular in Madeira due to a stunning scenery and excellent conditions with more than 300 flying days per year, with mild temperatures throughout the year, short distances between flight locations, deep valleys, and massive cliffs over a deep blue ocean it is possible to take off from a beautiful mountain and land at sea level.

The East-West orientation of the central mountain range determines a South Coast protected from trade winds with further hours of the sunshine, and a cloudier, rugged North Coast with an accidental terrain, which promotes Madeira as different microclimates areas, making Paragliding possible in diverse locations.

The views of the Island from above are unforgettable. There are many places scattered all over Madeira where you can land safely. It is a truly unique experience, which makes this an ideal island for paragliding holidays or a simply tandem flight experience.