Our Values

While designing the tours, this company had particular concerns to respect and preserve the Island’s natural and cultural values.

We believe that by creating awareness and sharing our knowledge, we can promote more respect for nature.

We try to transmit these values as part of our tours, not only as an excellent way of self-growth but also as a mean to build meaningful relationships and contribute to a better world.


Our Mission

Our mission is to create a growing community of outdoor lovers, who share our values.

We hope our tours can help people achieve the happiness of being in perfect harmony with nature. It’s our claim to exceed the expectations of those who relate to us.

We are always thinking about our people and the particular anxieties of each one.

We aim to promote the conservation of natural and sociocultural values ​​of Madeira Island and to promote them internationally.

We hope our company represents excellent tours, associated with the natural heritage of Madeira.