“This is as close as you can get to Madeiras nature. Discover the beauty of pristine waterways and untouched landscapes!“


To descend Madeira’s canyons is probably the best way to enjoy landscapes of rare beauty.

Antoine Florin discovered the vast majority of canyons, he was, without a doubt, the greatest explorer and promoter of Canyoning in Madeira, who besides leaving behind fabulous itineraries equipped with rappel anchors, he also left an excellent Canyoning-Guide Book, the only one published so far.

Explore areas where nature is still immaculately preserved, just as in the day of discovery, the majestic beauty of nature covered by a large unevenness and abundance of waterfalls are the main highlights of this tour. Walking along the “Levadas” (water channels) is another high point, which will allow safe and privileged access to the canyons.

Expect a day of adventurous, powerful and fun emotions!