About Us

Bikes and Fun is a company that offers guided tours in Madeira – Hiking, Canyoning, Paragliding and Mountain Biking.

It’s born for a new perspective on healthy living habits and a growing demand for an active, alternative tourism in Madeira Island.

This is a company for outdoor lovers looking for new challenges and fun ways to discover the Island.

Discover the best landscapes with the help of  your knowledgeable guide that will make sure you have the best holiday of your life.


Our Story

Nuno Cunha is the mentor of this company.
He was born in São Jorge – located on the North Coast of Madeira Island – and started practicing outdoor sports since at a very young age.

A few years ago, he had an accident that made him rethink his life. Simplicity, friendship, relaxation, positive thinking and appreciation for good moments became his motto.
After long years practicing Hiking, Canyoning, Hang Gliding, Paragliding, Horse Riding, Mountain Biking plus a long experience as a mountain guide, he became an expert on Madeira’s outdoor activities and decided to start this company.
His sport qualifications, skills and professionalism are now at your entire disposal.

With more than 30 years of experience your guide Nuno has a natural ability to look after people and adjust their fitness levels to new challenges.

He is humorous, fun, attentive, friendly, confident, and above all responsible.

These guidelines ​​will make you feel welcome to “Bike and Fun” tours, like a longtime friend.

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