The Madeira Archipelago reunites four different islands: Madeira, Porto Santo, Selvagens and Desertas. Madeira is a volcanic island with a beautiful, mountainous, dramatic landscape.

Its location favors a mild climate and temperate Atlantic waters. It is the perfect all year holiday destination and one of the oldest and most sought after tourist destinations. Bordered by the turquoise blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean, Madeira has an outstanding landscape with natural settings of rare beauty, ranging from the peculiar coastal villages to high mountains and cliffs, all wrapped up in mist and flower-covered hills.

Nature lovers will find a beautiful forest, the Laurissilva forest, which holds a vast natural heritage, recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The term Laurissilva comes from the conjugation of two Latin words, Laurus (laurel) and Silva (forest).
This Forest was found throughout southern Europe and the Mediterranean basin but disappeared during the last glacial period from these latitudes. Nowadays we can only find it in the region of Macaronesia, which includes the Archipelagos of the Arozores, Madeira, the Canary Islands and Cape Verde. The largest and best preserved Laurissilva forest spot is located on this Island, with the highest rate of endemism per surface, and a vast set of endemic species of Flora and Fauna.

The presence of water is mandatory and comes mainly from the presence of fog which blows throughout the year, propelled by humid trade winds.
Since the earliest days of the island settlement the water was captured in the mountains and led by the men built channels, “Levadas”, to different parts of the island. These channels, dug in the mountains, allow the water to travel either through tunnels or vertiginous slopes, not only for agricultural irrigation purposes but also to produce electric energy. Today, these “Levadas” also allow us to reach beautiful landscapes that take our breath away.

Madeira is recognized for being the best island destination in the world so you can expect something extraordinary. Also an exciting and endless world of outdoor activities awaits you, add in the delicious gastronomy, the local traditions and exciting events, plus the tasty drink made of rum (Poncha), and you have gathered all the ingredients that make this island a natural, authentic Fun Park!